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first [1] Malaysian solo sailor

Azhar Mansor
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Datuk Azhar Mansor is the first [1] Malaysian solo sailor. He sailed around the world in 104 days during 1999 using the sailing ship called Jalur Gemilang.

A rumour was widely spread in Malaysia by text messaging alleging that he had renounced Islam, and that he was a Christian living in Australia. [2] This rumour turned out to be false, however, as he is still in charge of the Telaga Harbour marina in Langkawi, Malaysia. Azhar has repeatedly denied all rumours that he had converted as of 10 November, 2006. [3]

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[edit] Successes
Despite his personal life, Datuk Azhar has managed to set a new world record via an Eastabout route, attempted by no-one and has been verified by the WSSRC (World Speed Sailing Record Council) as an official record. Azhar is one of the few people in the world to circumnavigate the globe singlehanded non-stop, and is the only person from an Asian nation apart from Japan to do so. Fewer than 150 people have managed his feat, so he has earned the maritime world's respect and put Malaysia on the marine map. He is know a hero amongst Malaysian Society

Azhar is currently based in Langkawi managing Telaga Harbour Park, one of Malaysia's finest marinas

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