17 Februari, 2011

[hang nadim] Shah Rukh Khan fan in dreamland.....

Thursday February 17, 2011

MALACCA: The lucky stars were definitely shining for Mehjabeen Erum Alim when her life-long dream to meet Bollywood superstar Datuk Shah Rukh Khan finally came true.

“It is an indescribable feeling and I am so happy to have finally met him. I feel like I am in dreamland,” she said after meeting Khan yesterday at a resort in Ayer Keroh.

Khan met Erum, 27, and seven other fans at the resort just as he was about to enter his car to go to the film location at Sungai Udang for his latest movie Don 2.

Erum, a Bangladeshi who is pursuing her Masters in Business Administration in Kuala Lumpur, said she and the other fans learned that Khan was staying at the resort.

“Fortunately, he spotted us just as he was about to get into the car and agreed to sign autographs and take photographs,” she said, adding that she managed to draw his attention to the story in The Star about her wanting to meet him. Khan autographed the news article for her.

Erum, who had spent about RM10,000 tracking her idol, said she would still love to meet him again just to hear his voice.

“It was just a fleeting moment and he didn’t say a word but merely nodded and gestured to us as he rarely speaks before filming so as not to come out of the character he is playing,” she said, adding that fans were nevertheless thrilled when he blew a flying kiss before leaving the resort.

Besides taking home memories of the meeting with Khan, she said she was glad to have made new friends who shared a similar passion for the Bollywood heartthrob.

Erum and other diehard fans from Kuala Lumpur and Shah Alam had staked out the Don 2 film set in Malacca over the last two days.

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