02 Jun, 2010

[hang nadim] Take action against Israel’

PETALING JAYA: The Bar Council has urged the United States, Britain and European Union to stop condoning acts of state terrorism carried out by Israel.

Its president, Ragunath Kesavan, said in a statement yesterday that it was outrageous of these countries to do so.“The American government’s unconditional support of the Israeli regime – manifested in its abject failure to act decisively and objectively and its practice of double-standards in Israel and the Middle East – is the greatest failure of US foreign policy,” he said.

In denouncing Israel’s brutal attack on the Mavi Marmara ship which was sending aid to Palestinians, he said the Malaysian Bar found “such flagrant hostility” deplorable, particularly as it was perpetrated in a deliberate and unprovoked assault on a peaceful initiative, and in international waters.

Fiery protest: Umno members burn an Israeli flag during a demonstration outside the UN office Tuesday. — Reuters

He said the vicious attack was a symptom of the longstanding and bitter conflict in the region that had resulted in crimes against humanity, as innumerable atrocities have been committed on the Palestinians.

Malaysian Youth Council (MYC) secretary-general, Mohd Zaidi Aziz, described the act as wicked and inhumane.

He urged the United Nations to adopt resolutions against Israel through the Security Council.

Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (Ansara) Alumni vice-president, Datuk Nasri Nasron, said there was no justification for the murders committed by the Zionist regime.

Updated: Wednesday June 2, 2010 MYT 8:22:06 PM
12 Malaysians among 124 Gaza-aid activists released by Israel (Update 3)

We were treated like criminals, says Malaysian delegation leader

PETALING JAYA: The 12 Malaysians who were on board aid ship Mavi Marmara, which was attacked and detained by Israeli forces Monday morning, have been released and are now in Jordan.

They include Astro Awani journalist Ashwad Ismail and cameraman Samsulkamal Abdul Latip.

Malaysian Ambassador to Jordan Datuk Abdul Malek Abdul Aziz said the 12 arrived at 6.30am local time Wednesday.

They are currently staying at the Crown Plaza Hotel while waiting for their travel documents to be processed, he said when contacted.

"We are doing what we can to bring them home. Some of them lost their passports and documents. The news crew's cameras were also confisicated," he added.

The Malaysians who were on board the Mavi Marmara after their release. With them are Malaysian ambassador to Jordan Datuk Abd Malek Abd Aziz (front, fourth from left)and First Secretary Wong Chia Chiann (front, right). -BERNAMA
Abdul Malek also said he had not heard from six other Malaysians on the Rachel Corrie, which was expected to reach Gaza later Wednesday.

However, according to a TV channel, journalist Shamsul Akmar, who is on the ship, said they would continue towards their destination despite the threat of being boarded by the Israeli navy.

"We are prepared for the possibility. If they do board us, we will not resist," he said.

Meanwhile, Malaysian delegation leader Noorazman Mohd Samsuddin said Israeli forces treated the detainees like criminals.

"We were not even allowed to go to the toilet,” he said.

According to Astro Awani, the Malaysians were among 124 Gaza flotilla aid activists aboard five buses, who arrived in Amman, Jordan, Wednesday morning via Allenby Bridge, after being detained and ill-treated by Israeli forces.

Ashwad, 26, said all media equipment was confiscated, including notebooks and pens.

Relating his experience live from Jordan earlier Wednesday, he said they were exhausted and dehydrated after 28 hours in detention at Beersheba prison.

He said Israeli naval forces, comprising 19 naval boats, eight naval ships and three Apache helicopters attacked the ship at 4.40am on Monday.

"We were fully prepared as we had received reports that Israeli forces had expanded their claim on territorial waters from 64km to 108km (off the coast of Gaza).

"They started to circle us at 11pm. They began advancing at 2am and attacked us from all angles at 4.30am. They attacked us incessantly. Alhamdullillah, our cameraman, Shamsul and I were safe from the assault," he said, adding that the Israelis had used live ammunition.

Contrary to Israeli defence forces claims in the international media that aid activists had used sharp weapons, Ashwad said they had merely sprayed water from fire hoses to ward off their attackers.

"I did not see any sharp weapons in the form of knives, parang, sword and so on being used. Volunteers merely used water to stop the commandos from boarding the ship.

"Two Turkish nationals, one of my right and the other on my left, were shot on the arm and hand. I managed to escape and crawled to safety on the deck, which was filld with blood. It was indeed a painful experience. It was an eye-opener to the world. I did not expect Israel to act in such a way. We were civilians onboard but subjected to military action.

"It was a war against humanity. During the 28-hour ordeal, I could fathom the six decades of Israeli-Palestine conflict and the oppression against Palestinians. I hope our audience, including my parents, will get the message."

Ashwad said he was handcuffed, taken to Ashdod and later detained in Beersheba prison. He was separated from Shamsul then but they were reunited at the Jordan-Israel border following their release.

He thanked the Government and the Malaysian Embassy in Jordan as well as the international community for efforts to secure their release.

Astro Awani general manager Rozina Aziz said the TV station was unable to contact Ashwad directly as his handphone had been confiscated.

He was contacted through the ambassador’s number.

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman left for Jordan on Wednesday to help expedite their return to Malaysia.

Meanwhile, a statement from the Prime Minister's office said a motion would be tabled in Parliament on Monday to strongly condemn the attack by Israeli military on the aid ship Mavi Marmara, which was carrying humanitarian assistance to Gaza.

Earlier, Kuwaiti ambassador Sheik Faisal Al Sabah had said that in addition to the 16 Kuwaitis aboard the buses, the other activists came from Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Yemen, Oman and Bahrain.

Dozens of other activists remain in Israeli detention, but most are expected to be deported in the coming days.

The bridge across the Jordan River is under Israeli control. It links Jordan with the West Bank.

Jordanian government spokesman Nabil Al-Sharif said there were 30 Jordanians in the group. Jordan is one of two Arab nations with a signed peace treaty with Israel.

The bridge's Jordanian chief, Brig. Mahmoud Abu Jumaa, said Jordan will help repatriate the activists - who include lawmakers and journalists - to their respective countries in coordination with their governments.

Worldwide condemnation has poured on Israel since its naval commandos halted the aid flotilla in international waters overnight Monday, setting off a melee that left nine activists dead and dozens wounded.

Eighteen Malaysians were involved in the humanitarian mission, with six on board another ship, the Rachel Corrie.

Mavi Marmara was leading a convoy of six vessels bound for Gaza to deliver aid to 100,000 Palestinians when it was attacked by Israeli commandoes in international waters at 10.30am Malaysian time on Monday.
Wednesday June 2, 2010
‘Stop supporting Israel’

KUALA LUMPUR: The United States cannot continue to support Israel when the country has committed crime, said former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“The world should prevail upon America to support Israel only when it is doing something right, and not support it when it has committed crime just because it is your ally,” he said.

Dr Mahathir added that passenger ship Rachel Corrie and two other cargo ships were moving towards Gaza.

“If the Israelis stop them, they will stop and will not go anywhere. They will ask for safe passage because they are in international waters.

“They are going into Gaza waters and not into Israeli territory,” said Dr Mahathir at a media briefing of Perdana Leadership Foundation and the New Club of Paris roundtable and public dialogues on knowledge economy here yesterday.

In Petaling Jaya, it was made known that the crew and passengers of Rachel Corrie were determined to complete their mission.

In a joint statement issued by Malaysians as well as Irish peace and humanitarian activists on board the vessel, they expressed their condolences for those who were killed or injured by the Israeli navy.

Former journalist Shamsul Akmar relayed the statement via an SMS to Dr Mahathir’s secretary Sufi Yusoff.

The team on board Rachel Corrie also appealed to the international community and United Nations to continue demanding from Israel safe passage into Gaza for the flotilla.

Perdana Global Peace Organisation adviser Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir said Israel had no right to keep Malaysian citizens on its territory because Malaysia did not have diplomatic ties with Israel.

He said the attack by the Israeli navy on a civilian ship in international waters was an act of piracy and state terrorism.

“There were women, children and elderly people on board the ships,” he said.

Wisma Putra diarah usaha bawa pulang sukarelawan
Oleh Zainab Mohd Yatim, Nazura Ngah dan Shaarani Ismail

AHLI NGO mengadakan demonstrasi membantah serangan Israel ke atas kapal bantuan kemanusiaan untuk Gaza di hadapan Kedutaan Amerika Syarikat, di Kuala Lumpur, semalam.Malaysia usul PBB ambil tindakan terhadap rejim Zionis

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Najib Razak berkata Kementerian Luar sudah diarah melakukan sebarang usaha untuk membawa pulang sukarelawan Misi Lifeline 4 Gaza (LLAG) yang kini ditahan di Israel. Perdana Menteri berkata, berikutan sukar mendapatkan maklumat dan tiada komunikasi dengan pihak negara berkenaan, Malaysia cuba memperoleh maklumat terkini daripada Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (PBB) dan negara ketiga. “Saya sudah minta Wisma Putra mengusahakan untuk menyelamatkan sukarelawan kita... kita amat sukar mendapatkan maklumat dan tidak ada komunikasi dengan pihak berkenaan. Jadi kita akan cuba melalui PBB dan negara ketiga untuk dapat maklumat,” katanya semalam.

Perdana Menteri berkata, Malaysia juga akan mengusulkan supaya tindakan pencabulan dan keganasan yang dilakukan Israel dibawa ke sidang Majlis Keselamatan PBB bagi melihat bentuk tindakan yang boleh diambil terhadap rejim Zionis itu kerana mencabuli hak asasi dan undang-undang antarabangsa.

Katanya, selain saluran Wisma Putra, Malaysia mempunyai wakil di PBB serta rakan negara luar dan hubungan dengan badan perisik bagi mendapatkan maklumat terkini.

Ditanya sama ada wajar Malaysia memboikot produk Israel dan Amerika Syarikat, Najib berkata, tindakan itu tidak akan memberi kesan kerana tidak ada tindak balas daripada negara berkenaan, tetapi Malaysia akan memikirkan apa yang wajar dilakukan menerusi sidang Majlis Keselamatan PBB.
“Kita tak ada produk Israel di sini, jadi kita tidak ada hubungan langsung dengan Israel, oleh itu tidak ada apa-apa kesan,” katanya.

Perdana Menteri turut memberi nasihat kepada keluarga sukarelawan supaya tabah berdepan ujian itu dan kerajaan cuba sedaya upaya untuk mendapatkan maklumat seberapa segera yang boleh,” katanya.

Sementara itu, Naib Presiden dan Pengurus Besar Astro Awani, Rozina Aziz, berkata pihaknya akan berurusan dengan Wisma Putra dan LL4G untuk memantau perkembangan insiden itu dari semasa ke semasa untuk membawa pulang wartawan kanannya, Ashwad Ismail dan jurukamera, Samsul Kamal Abdul Latip yang dilaporkan ditahan di sana.


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