03 Ogos, 2012

Kanang: Battle still fresh in my mind

KUALA LUMPUR: Thirty-two years have passed since he and his platoon members came face-to-face with the communists in the Perak jungles, but Temenggong Datuk Kanang Langkau remembers the incident as if
it happened only yesterday.

He still gets teary-eyed when reminiscing about the Feb 19, 1980 incident, not because of his close shave with death but because of how his teammates had fought for their country.

“I am mighty proud to have been able to serve the country,” he said at the Warriors’ Day celebration. “I fought the communists, so I am disappointed that there are some who glorified the communists.”

Kanang said this in obvious reference to PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu who had allegedly praised communist guerillas over the Bukit Kepong incident.

Back then, Kanang and 30 other men exchanged fire with communist insurgents in the jungles of Ulu Kinta. Two rangers died while another lost his leg. Kanang himself took three rounds.

At yesterday’s celebration, a pantomime was staged in which a section of it was dedicated to the incident involving Kanang and his platoon members.

Asked how he felt being a part of the nation’s history, the 68-year-old Kanang said: “I can never be more proud. But this (fame) and medals are not the reward I expect for my service to the country. I just want the country to be peaceful and the people happy.

“Everytime I look at the Jalur Gemilang, I feel a deep sense of sadness and pride,” he said. “I hope that the younger generation appreciates the peace the

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