06 Mei, 2013

[hang nadim] KEPUTUSAN PRU13 PARLEMAN......

Photo: Hajat tak kesampaian

PERLIS (3): BN (3)

KEDAH (15): BN (10), PKR (4), Pas (1)

KELANTAN (14): BN (5), Pas (9)

TERENGGANU (8): BN (4), Pas (4)

PULAU PINANG (13): BN (3), DAP (7), PKR (3)

PERAK (24): BN (12), DAP (7), PKR (3), Pas (2)

PAHANG (14): BN (10), PKR (2), DAP (1), Pas (1)

SELANGOR (22): BN (5), PKR (9), DAP (4), Pas (4)

WP KUALA LUMPUR (11): BN (2), DAP (5), PKR (4)


WP LABUAN (1): BN (1)

NEGERI SEMBILAN (8): BN (5), DAP (2), PKR (1)

MELAKA (6): BN (4), DAP (1), PKR (1)

JOHOR (26): BN (21), DAP (4), PKR (1)

SABAH (25): BN (22), DAP (2), PKR (1)

SARAWAK (31): BN (25), DAP (5), PKR (1)

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

GE13: Khalid Ibrahim awaits PR nod on second term as MB


SHAH ALAM: Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is not sure about serving a second term as mentri besar, despite guiding Pakatan Rakyat to an improved win in Sunday's general election.
Pakatan secured a two-thirds majority winning 44 of the 56 seats in the state assembly. But PAS and DAP each has 15, leaving Khalid's PKR with 14.
"A decision has not been made on (who to be) MB. It will be decided by the Pakatan top leaders," Khalid told reporters when asked if he would still be the mentri besar on Monday.
Khalid added that the Sultan of Selangor must also give his consent to the choice of mentri besar.
On the state exco line-up, he said it would be finalised in two weeks.
Apart from a decision from the three Pakatan parties on who should be mentri besar, PKR deputy president Azmin Ali was also speculated to take over Khalid.
On another matter, Khalid said Pakatan would be hosting a thanksgiving dinner to celebrate the win at Dataran Kemerdekaan Shah Alam on Thursday.
Khalid also called on Election Commission chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof to resign over the conduct of the polls.
Pakatan leaders were seen wearing black armbands protesting the EC's conduct.
Among others, the complaints were about the failure of the indelible ink, phantom and dubious voters and ballot boxes which "suddenly appear."

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