07 Oktober, 2010

[ hang nadim] A is for Allah by Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)

والله وانا اضم صوتي لك واقول ما اجمل من طمأنينه القلب بعد الدعاء..الله يجعل قلوبنا خاشعه و مطمأنه..امين
دراما الفيديو وراءها معاني عقائدية جد عميقة ، ففي الاوقات العصيبة التي نمر بها دعاء المرء
الخاشع هو من يجلب في صدره السعادة والطمانينة ذلك حتى وان لم تتحقق الاستجابة لان الدعاء هو في حد ذاته عبادة وثوابها يكون في لحظته بالطمانينة والسكينة التي يحس بها صاحبه ، رجاء المؤمن بربه وذل الدعاء اعمق معاني الخشوع والتعبد الحقيقي ............. ما شاء الله عليه من تمثيل وفن

Beautiful song.....Thank you.......for sharing

the very paradise for which a muslim struggles all his life lies under the feet of his mother, for surely..what could be the most beautiful than this??? this is the status of women in Islam.. glory be to Allah, his names are the most beautiful !!

LET'S us all wish and hope that all people will have the same mind. Open to whatever belief. really it is not who our prophet is. I am not a moslem but i do appreciate moslems dedication to allah.....................
genialboy28 8 months ago 335

tiada harapan selain Allah...tiada idola sebaik nabi....

tiada kata seindah Al-Quran.....tiada jalan selurus Sunnah......

tiada perjuangan selain Islam..........

Dear God, i don't deserve to be in your heavens.. though, i'm not willing to face hellfire.. please forgive all my sins and accept my repentance.. as you are the forgiver of big sins.. my sins are like sands scattered along the beach.. with your power, please forgive me, my Lord.. oh god, please safe us all, from all the wrongdoings and disasters.. we are afraid, we really rely on you.. strengthen our love towards you.. we are your servants who rely on your mercy

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