28 Disember, 2010

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1Malaysia symbol ban 'stays for now'

By Mazlinda Mahmood

SHAH ALAM: The state-wide ban on the use of the 1Malaysia symbol on advertising materials at public premises remains, but its enforcement has been postponed, pending a review.
State executive councillor in charge of housing and local government Ronnie Liu attempted yesterday to explain what this really meant.

"What freeze? Freeze is the newspapers' term. Go ask them.

"As far as I am concerned, the ban is still on.

"I have only asked for the enforcement to be postponed pending a review. There is a distinction between the two," he said when met at the State Secretariat lobby, here, yesterday.

Does this mean that new billboads with 1Malaysia symbols can now be displayed? No, Liu said.

How about existing billboards? "Those will remain for now."

Liu's original statement on the ban on Dec 22 had stirred a controversy. Even DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang had urged the Selangor exco to rethink the ban.

Liu said the next state exco meeting would discuss the matter.

He claimed that his words had been twisted by the media and the ban had not been "frozen" and he had just asked for the enforcement of the ban to be "temporarily postponed".

Liu said a "freeze" meant new billboards with the 1Malaysia symbol could be put up, at the same time those already up could remain displayed.

However, his instruction was to postpone enforcement but new signages with 1Malaysia symbols could not be put at public premises.

Yesterday, Kuala Langat District Council president Abdul Razak Jaafar was quoted as saying that he was informed of the ban on Friday but the state had yet to issue an official circular.

"He (Liu) gave a verbal instruction on Friday and we will wait for further, more detailed instructions from the state.

"In the meantime, we will not be taking any action against premises and billboards displaying the 1Malaysia symbol in Banting, including premises already given notice to take them down."

Last week, about 50 people protested against the Kuala Langat district council for trying to enforce the rule in front of a convenience shop displaying a 1Malaysia symbol on its signboard after the owner was slapped with a notice to remove the symbol in seven days.

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Tuesday December 28, 2010

Makkal Sakthi fails to hand signed protest over 1Malaysia logo ban to MB

SHAH ALAM:A commotion broke out inside the Selangor State Secretariat building when four members of the Malaysia Makkal Sakthi Party (MMSP) Youth failed to deliver a memorandum to Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim over the 1Malaysia logo ban.

The incident occurred at about 12.30pm yesterday as the group was unhappy that the MB’s media officer Tuan Nazuri Tuan Ismail received it.

MMSP secretary-general S.Sutager told reporters that they were disappointed because they could not deliver the memo to Khalid or state executive councillor in charge of local government Ronnie Liu.

“Khalid or Liu should have personally received the memorandum if they were sincere in championing democracy and freedom.

The people have willingly taken ownership of the 1Malaysia slogan as something that does not belong to any political party.

“As stressed by the prime minister, the 1Malaysia concept is for nation-bulding, and not for political purposes,” he said.

The three-page memorandum, among other things, urged the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat government to withdraw the ban, which has now reportedly been frozen pending a review.

The Selangor government had imposed a statewide ban on the 1Malaysia logo on billboards and business advertisements last week.

Meanwhile, Tuan Nazuri said the Selangor government would deliberate on the 1Malaysia logo ban at the state executive council meeting tomorrow.

Earlier, about 50 MMSP members and others gathered outside the State Secretariat building at about 11.15am and shouted slogans criticising PKR. They dispersed at about 12.50pm. — Bernama

Anwar vs Wee case management on March 30

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama): The High Court fixed March 30 for case management of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's RM10mil defamation suit against Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong for allegedly uttering defamatory words.

Deputy Registrar Nazri Ismail set the date in chambers after meeting Anwar's counsel Wan Anuar Shaddat Mohamed Amin and Ng Chew Hor, for Wee, when the case came up for case management. On April 18, 2008, Anwar filed the suit claiming that Wee had uttered defamatory words during the latter's campaign at a ceramah in the Machap by-election in 2007.

He said that defamation words were contained in an article entitled "Parties at their last leg of campaigning" which was posted in a website. Anwar contended that the defamatory words by Wee were intentional and used in bad faith.

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