25 Jun, 2013

[hang nadim] Zoo Taiping & Night Safari.....

Been to Zoo Taiping & Night Safari? Share your experiences!

Best Zoo in Malaysia. The animla in good shape & in best health. The 
landscape & enclosure in best condition. Must visit. Will go again

Very nice zoo  with a wide range of animals  and proper space for
 them. Green and  shaded path. Staff friendly. Nice  pictures  with 
pythons around the neck ! 2 pleasant hours with friends and kids.

The Zoo is fairly large and well stocked. The Night safari adds a frission 
of excitement as the tram takes us around. However, unlike many other 
safaris, there is never the feeling of seeing free animals, they are decidedly
 in cages. Even so, it exciting to see the Malayan tiger, other less knowm 
predators of South East Asia and the...

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